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A downloadable EXCEL version of these specs is available by clicking here.


Creative Contact

When submitting materials for campaigns or asking questions related to HBR digital trafficking, please send your correspondence to: adtraffic(at)doucettemedia.com to ensure the swiftest response.


Lead Time

Unless otherwise specified, creative materials are requested to be received at least 5 business days prior to the launch of the campaign. While we realize this is not always possible, please note that if creative is delayed, we have less time to adequately QA your creatives, and as all ads submitted are put into a queue for production, we cannot guarantee the start date for late creative. We reserve the right to extend the campaign end date by same number of days creative was delayed. All creative is subject to approval by publisher and reserves the right to reject any creative that does not follow our published specifications.


Third-Party Performance Reporting and Billing

For any campaign or ad unit whose performance and subsequent invoicing is dependent upon third-party data, it is required that a working reporting login be provided to enable us to access third-party performance throughout the campaign. The third-party login should be made available prior to, or by the day of, the campaign launch. Failure to provide a working login can result in the campaign being delayed or paused until one is received.